Hervé Balusson accompanied François Hollande to China for the preparation of the COP 21

The President of the French Republic visited China on the 2nd and 3rd of November in order to prepare the United Nations Conference on Climate Change with his Chinese counterpart, the President Xin Jinping.

Looking forward to the upcoming COP 21 that will take place in Paris from 30 November to 11 December, François Hollande visited China early this month to prepare the conference with his Chinese counterpart, the president Xin Jinping.

During his visit, the President was accompanied by representatives of the 50 most innovative companies in green and circular economy sectors in France. Hervé Balusson, President of Breizh Algae and founder and CEO of Olmix Group, was one of the delegates.

The Forum hosted by the 2 leaders gathered together Chinese and French companies engaged in solutions that reconcile the economic development and the fight against climate change. At the end of the event, the Chinese Prime Minister stated the firmly commitment of China in achieving the green economy.

This vision of agricultural economies both productive and natural and in respect with the environment is also shared by Breizh Algae. Algae are the first carbon reservoir of the Earth: they do not require either irrigation or land in order to develop themselves, they do not compete with the other resources, and they are a net contributor to the global food security.

Mr Hervé Balusson and the French President François Hollande