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Any emerging economic sector brings major opportunities for economic growth and profitability. Only a few years ago, algae were considered to be waste, and yet today, they are recognized as enabling exceptional applications. The blue economy is developing mainly in biotechnology thanks to innovation, investment and R&D. In particular, algae offer high-growth solutions in critical fields, such as plastics, food, health and nutrition. A number of initiatives are already underway in our region, involving health (Goëmar, vaccines), animal, plants and human nutrition and health (Olmix algae-based solutions) and plastics (Algopack). This new and fast-growing sector offers tremendous growth potential.

But this new economy is unique in inherently touching on many social issues. First of all, our approach is eco-responsible, aimed at respecting the environment: algae are an organic and infinitely renewable raw material. Above all, the possibilities offered by research on algae will address major issues impacting our future:

Helping to feed 9 billion people thanks to the world’s largest potential farming area, the sea;

Offering alternatives for limiting the use of antibiotics in healthcare;

Finding renewable, eco-friendly resources for manufacturing (plastics, paper mills, etc.)

Finally, algae represent an opportunity for industrial transformation, offering a viable alternative to struggling local industries. It is critical to create sustainable jobs that are not vulnerable to relocation, in areas that have been hardest hit by the economic crisis.

Being part of this new economy means following an established business model. Breizh Algae Invest focuses on two main activities within the algae business: collecting the raw material and promoting end-products through a brand guaranteeing the quality and geographic origin of the algae used. Investment in algae-collection equipment (ships, plants, pools, etc.) allow Breizh Algae Invest to sell this resource to the different companies that process it. This brand management aims to ensure the reliability, quality and origin of all products for end users.