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BPI France

BPIfrance is a state-owned bank created by the French government in 2012 to support innovative companies, which are considered strategic for the country’s future. The aim of this institution, which plans to invest €8 billion by 2017, is to help companies to do more and go further, supporting emerging champions of France’s economy.

Station Biologique de Roscoff

This research and teaching center is specialized in marine biology and ecology. Some 273 people are pursuing research on algae that began in the 19th century! A total of 800 different species have been identified in the sea around Roscoff, representing the highest diversity in the whole of Europe.


The French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) is the largest government research organization in France. With 30,000 employees, CNRS is working in every scientific field, especially biology and chemistry. Its research on algae is being carried out with local partners who are close to this natural resource.


This marine biotechnology and chemistry laboratory has been operating since 1998 as a team of chemists and biologists. Focusing on marine plants, this state-funded laboratory works in three major industrial fields: organism-surface interactions, cell-to-cell interface and marine molecule use.


This research center is a multidisciplinary state-funded laboratory employing 200 people in Mulhouse, Alsace (Eastern France). Thanks to its porous materials department, the institute has helped to create new materials from products such as algae that have never before been used in this way.

Pôle mer Bretagne

Founded by the Regional Council of Brittany, this science and technology cluster is the hub of a network of small and large companies, research centers and institutes of higher education. These partners share their ideas and skills to develop innovative collaborative projects in the maritime industry. One of its five areas of focus is marine biological resources, fishing and aquafarming, and biotechnologies.

Université de Bretagne occidentale

Founded in Brest in 1951, this university is one of the teaching centers supporting Breizh Algae. In addition to its courses, two of its four research programs are relevant to our project: marine science, and health, agri-environment and materials.


This cluster of Breton companies is focused on the concept of “naturally biotechnological,” aiming to develop biotechnologies by promoting natural, especially marine, resources. Its end goal is clear: to enable the transition from discovering to marketing molecules.


This agrifood cluster aims to promote the strengths of western France, Europe’s leading food-producing region, to ensure future success. Supported by public funds, Valorial’s work aims to ensure an innovative, collaborative economy.

Olmix Group

As a pioneer of the blue economy, Olmix Group promotes algae-sourced solutions in its core business: nutrition and health for animals, plants and humans. With several algae-based patents, Olmix is developing its activity in new high-growth sectors: immunity, mycotoxins and stress relief. Olmix Group’s CEO, Hervé Balusson, sits on the board of France Biotech.

PRP Technologies

PRP Technologies supplies agricultural production with the balancing and stimulating properties of minerals. It designs and distributes products and services for developing vital soil and plant functions, aimed at sustainable farming. Algal molecules open up the future of plant care.

SICA de Saint-Pol

This agricultural cooperative in northern Brittany is the biggest flower and vegetable producer in France, with no less than 1,500 members. SICA has sound knowledge of food-grade algae, with its Agrival subsidiary operating the world’s leading algae biorefinery, situated in Plouénan since 2013.


Neopolia Marine is a network of companies operating across the shipbuilding industry. All of these stakeholders see the algal economy, especially collection, as offering an opportunity for diversification and development. In 2013, Neopolia helped to build France’s first algae-collection vessel.

Algues de Bretagne

This company has been specialized in producing and distributing food-grade seaweed and algae-based products since 1990. The unique properties of algae make this a growing market. In Asia, algae have been consumed in various forms for centuries.


Based in the Vendée department, this recent member of Breizh Algae Invest designs and adapts anti-pollution trawl nets (for cleaning up oil slicks). It has also designed a unique ship, currently being built, to collect algae by pumping.


Based in the Vendée department, this recent member of Breizh Algae Invest designs and adapts anti-pollution trawl nets (for cleaning up oil slicks). It has also designed a unique ship, currently being built, to collect algae by pumping.

Technopôle Brest Iroise

This non-profit research organization brings together 200 members (companies, research centers, higher-education institutes and professional bodies) that have been working together to promote economic development through innovation since 1988. Supported by 90 companies, notably, Technopôle Brest-Iroise accompanies the most innovative of projects.

France Biotech

This French biotech association represents entrepreneurship and innovation in the life sciences and promotes the development of the biotech industry in France. Henré Balusson, an algae specialist and CEO of Olmix Group, is among its board members.